Air India plans to expand

Air India plans to expand its market share to 30% through the Vihaan.AI transformation plan

In order to position itself as a top-tier airline, Air India has launched its five-year transformation strategy, called Vihaan.AI. The Sanskrit term “Vihaan” denotes the beginning of a new era.

The Tata Group-owned airline has provided a thorough roadmap for Vihaan.AI that includes specific goals for growing its network and fleet, creating a completely new customer experience, enhancing dependability and on-time performance, and becoming a leader in technology, sustainability, and innovation while putting money into the best talent.

Air India will extend international flights and grow its market share to at least 30% as part of its transformation plan over the next five years. A press statement from Air India stated that AI CEO Campbell Wilson together with senior management will spearhead this transition.

Excellent customer experience, solid operations, industry-best talent, industry leadership, and commercial efficiency and profitability are the five primary areas that Vihaan.AI will concentrate on. 

According to the press release, “While the airline’s immediate focus remains on fixing the fundamentals and getting ready for growth (the taxiing phase), the focus will shift more to the medium- to long-term on building for excellence and establishing scale to become a global industry leader (the take-off and climb phases).”

According to Wilson, who was speaking about the anticipated fleet increase for Vihaan.AI, “Our fleet expansion would feature a combination of both narrow-bodied and wide-bodied aircraft to respond to different network needs. Stakeholders will notice the changes as the new face of Air India develops because of the organization’s evident excitement and unified commitment to driving Vihaan.AI.”

He added, “We are positively focused on being recognised as a world-class airline serving global consumers, with a proudly Indian heart.”

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