December sales at Bajaj Auto were down 3% over last year

On Monday, Bajaj Auto revealed its sales figures for the month of December. While commercial sales increased by 29% year over year, two-wheeler sales decreased by 6%, resulting in a 3% reduction in overall sales in December.

In December, the business sold 1,27,593 two-wheelers in the United States, down 1% from the previous month’s total of 1,28,642. It shipped 1,91,176 units in the same month, compared to 2,09,942 units in the previous month, a decrease of 9%. Overall, Bajaj Auto sold 3,18,769 two-wheelers, a 6% decrease from the previous year’s 3,38,584 units.

Bajaj Auto sold 18,386 commercial vehicles in India in December 2020, up from 10,964 in December 2020, a 68 percent increase. It shipped 25,315 commercial automobiles, up from 22,984 in the previous year, a 10% rise. Overall, the number of units sold increased by 29% year over year, from 33,948 in December 2020 to 43,701 in December 2021.

Overall sales – two-wheelers + commercial vehicles – increased 5% year on year in India, from 1,39,606 to 1,45,979 units, while exports fell 7% from 2,32,926 to 2,16,491 units, according to Bajaj Auto.

Overall, Bajaj Auto sold 3,62,470 units last year, down 3% from 3,72,532 units the previous year.

In terms of YTD sales, Bajaj Auto increased by 19% from 28,03,250 units in 2020 to 33,31,782 units in 2021 in the period between April and December.

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