Coal production in India

Coal production in India increased by 8.5% in FY22

Pralhad Joshi, the coal minister, announced on Wednesday that the country’s coal production increased by 8.5% to a new high of 777.23 million tonnes (MT) in FY22. With the start of the summer season, there have been rumours of coal shortages due to increased demand for energy.

According to Joshi, India’s coal sector set a record production of 777.23 MT in the previous fiscal year, up from 716 MT in FY21, a gain of 8.5%.

The country’s coal despatch climbed by 18.43% to 818.04 MT in the previous fiscal year, compared to 690.71 MT in 2020-21.

Joshi reaffirmed that the safety of coal workers is a “top priority” in his remarks to the Standing Committee on Safety in Coal Mines. He also instructed all coal businesses to ensure that funds for safety measures are not in short supply. Many states complained about a lack of coal for power plants in October of last year, and some of them also experienced daily power outages for several hours.

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