E-commerce roll-up start-up Upscalio generates four D2C brands in its first acquisition

Roll-up e-commerce start-up Gizga, Tizum, Air case, and HomePuff are among the four D2C brands acquired by Upscalio. The companies specialize in next-generation computers, PC and phone accessories, laptop bags, and kitchenware, respectively. Upscalio is up against companies like Thrasio, which just announced its entry into India, and Mensa Brands, which was founded by the former CEO of Myntra.

These companies command a sizable market share in their respective verticals, as well as a distinct position as category leaders on Amazon, with positive reviews, ratings, and recall. According to an official statement from Upscalio, the brands were founded over 7 years ago by Dinesh Vardhan, Vikram Vardhan, and Amit Hingarh and are backed by a meticulous procurement system that has contributed to their continuous growth.

According to Upscalio, the firm expects to generate Rs 200 crore in yearly income in the next two years as a result of the new acquisitions.

The corporation will concentrate on growing the geographical reach of its brands while also increasing new product development. UpScalio will also consider a B2B venture in the future to open up new growth opportunities for all three brands.

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