Jammu dry fruit vendors

Jammu dry fruit vendors’ business being badly damaged by the Afghanistan crisis

Trade-in dried fruit has been badly hampered by the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. Difficulties in importing almonds, apricots, and other dry fruits have caused their costs to skyrocket as a result of the disruptions. In addition, dried fruit sales have fallen in the last week according to dealers.

“Due to the current situation in Afghanistan, import supplies have been significantly disrupted. As a result, the price of dried fruits has skyrocketed in recent months. Unfortunately, our consumers don’t seem to grasp the situation. “Before the holiday season, we’re losing business “A dry fruit shop owner in Jammu, Shanti Gupta, spoke to India Today.

If Afghanistan’s unrest continues, according to Jammu Dry Fruit Retail Traders Association President Jyoti Gupta, the cost of dried fruits would rise.”Prices of dry fruits are expected to continue to climb as long as the situation in Afghanistan remains unpredictable. Because of the lockdown, we’ve already lost a lot of money. Things have only become worse for us as a result of the situation in Afghanistan “, Gupta explained.

Price Comparison


Current price: Rs 1200 per kg

10 days ago price: Rs 800 per kg


Current Price: Rs 600 per kg

10 days ago price: Rs 400 per kg


Current price: Rs 2,400

10 days ago price: Rs 1,800


Current Price: Rs 900

10 days ago price: Rs 650


Current Price: Rs 700

10 days ago price: Rs 450

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