Lenskart Small Startup to India's

¬†Lenskart: Small Startup to India’s Premier Eyewear Brand

In the vast landscape of India’s eyewear industry, one name shines brightly – Lenskart. What began as a small startup has blossomed into a behemoth in the eyewear market. In this detailed blog, we will delve into the captivating journey of Lenskart, exploring its origins, innovations, challenges, and triumphs.

The Birth of Lenskart: 

Lenskart emerged from the entrepreneurial spirit of two Indian visionaries, Peyush Bansal and Amit Chaudhary. At the time, the Indian eyeglass market lacked prominent players, and online eyewear shopping options were scarce. Recognizing this opportunity, these innovative minds embarked on a mission to change the landscape.

Peyush Bansal and Amit Chaudhary were determined to bridge the gap in the eyewear market. They envisioned a platform that could revolutionize how Indians purchased eyeglasses. Thus, Lenskart was conceived as a solution to address this unmet need.

During the nascent stages, the founders relied on their personal financial resources to kickstart Lenskart. They embarked on this entrepreneurial voyage with resolute determination, pooling their assets, and nurturing the company’s growth through organic means.What ensued was a remarkable journey of Lenskart’s evolution. Over the past seven years, Lenskart has risen to prominence as India’s premier eyewear brand. This success story is a testament to their dedication and innovative approach in transforming the eyewear buying experience in India. Let’s delve into the fascinating narrative of Lenskart’s ascent to greatness.

Lenskart’s Innovative Business Model:

Lenskart initially embarked on its journey as an exclusively online enterprise with a primary focus on eyeglass sales. Its rapid ascent to popularity can be attributed to several key factors, including its extensive eyeglass collection, competitive pricing, and user-friendly website.

To further enhance the customer experience, Lenskart introduced a home trial service, enabling customers to test eyeglasses before making a purchase. This feature played a pivotal role in cultivating a dedicated and satisfied customer base.

In recent years, Lenskart has strategically expanded its presence by venturing into brick-and-mortar stores. This strategic move serves the dual purpose of widening its customer reach and providing potential buyers with the opportunity to try on eyeglasses in person before finalizing their purchase. Presently, Lenskart boasts a network of over 100 physical stores dispersed across India. This diversified approach has contributed significantly to Lenskart’s success and its ability to cater to a broader audience.

Lenskart’s Distinctive Edge:

Lenskart’s ascent to becoming India’s premier eyewear brand can be attributed to several distinguishing factors, setting it apart from competitors within the competitive landscape of the country.

1. Personalized Shopping Experience: Lenskart has excelled in providing a tailored and personalized shopping experience, setting it apart from rivals. They offer customers the opportunity to physically try on eyeglasses before making a purchase, which resonates well with Indian consumers who often prefer hands-on product testing before committing to a buy. The brand boasts an extensive array of eyewear options, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

2. Competitive Pricing: Lenskart has focused on delivering cost-effective solutions, positioning itself as a budget-friendly choice for price-conscious shoppers. This competitive pricing strategy has played a pivotal role in attracting a wide customer base.

3. Strategic Marketing and Advertising: The eyewear retail chain has made substantial investments in marketing and advertising endeavors. Their successful campaigns have not only built a strong brand identity but have also acted as effective customer magnets, drawing new patrons into the Lenskart fold.

These combined elements have set Lenskart apart and propelled it to the forefront of India’s eyewear industry.

Investment Journey of Lenskart:

Lenskart’s remarkable success has been accompanied by a series of substantial investments, underscoring its promising growth trajectory.

1. Initial Investment (2011): In 2011, Lenskart initiated its funding journey by raising capital in its first round of funding. IDG Ventures India participated in this initial investment, providing essential financial backing.

2. Series A Round (2013): In 2013, Lenskart advanced its expansion plans with a Series A round of funding. Lightspeed Venture Partners, a prominent investment firm, participated in this funding round, further fortifying Lenskart’s financial position.

3. Series C Round (2017): The eyewear brand continued its upward trajectory, attracting notable investors. In 2017, Lenskart secured a significant Series C round of funding. This investment round was led by Premji Invest, the investment arm of Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro.

These successive rounds of funding have played a pivotal role in Lenskart’s growth, enabling the company to realize its vision and cement its position as a dominant player in India’s eyewear industry.

Current Valuation of Lenskart:

Lenskart, the Indian eyewear sensation, has achieved an impressive valuation of approximately $500 million. This valuation is a testament to the remarkable journey of a startup that commenced with a modest $10,000 in seed funding. From these humble beginnings, Lenskart has emerged as India’s premier eyewear brand, a remarkable feat for a company that initiated its entrepreneurial voyage with just $10,000 in seed capital. As Lenskart continues to thrive, the future holds promising opportunities for this Indian startup, and its ascent in the eyewear industry remains a noteworthy success story.

Lenskart’s Ambitious Expansion Plans:

Lenskart’s growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down, as the company has set ambitious expansion goals for itself. Over the next five years, Lenskart aims to establish a staggering 1,000 stores across India. This bold plan may seem ambitious, but given their impressive track record, it is certainly within their reach. Additionally, Lenskart is eyeing entry into new international markets, including China and the Middle East, in the near future. These strategic moves signify Lenskart’s determination to further cement its position as a global eyewear leader.

Sustaining Growth Through Customer-Centric Innovation:

Lenskart’s recipe for continued growth centers on a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction and an exceptional online shopping experience. Their strategy hinges on constant innovation, introducing novel products and services that streamline the eyeglass shopping process, ensuring customers find the perfect eyewear.

Furthermore, Lenskart’s expanding online presence has made their offerings more accessible to individuals all across India, simplifying eyewear procurement for a broader audience. In essence, their unwavering dedication to customer-centric innovation and an extensive online reach will be the cornerstones of their future growth.

Pioneering Success: Lenskart’s Winning Formula

Lenskart’s ascent to becoming a leading eyewear brand can be attributed to several key factors that have been instrumental from the outset. Firstly, they astutely identified an unmet need in the market, recognizing an opportune gap to be filled.

Secondly, they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey by bootstrapping the company with their own funds, charting a path of organic growth. Lastly, Lenskart’s accomplishments were greatly facilitated by assembling a talented and dedicated team, whose collective efforts have propelled the brand to its current heights.While all these factors played pivotal roles, it’s essential to pinpoint the most significant contributor to Lenskart’s success.


Ques: Who founded Lenskart and when?

Ans: Lenskart was founded by Peyush Bansal and Amit Chaudhary. It started its journey as a small startup in India.

Ques: What sets Lenskart apart from other eyewear brands?

Ans: Lenskart distinguishes itself through its personalized shopping experience, affordability, and a wide variety of eyewear options. They also offer a home trial service, allowing customers to try glasses before purchase.

Ques: What is Lenskart’s business model?

Ans: Initially, Lenskart began as an online-only business, primarily focusing on selling eyeglasses. However, they have since expanded to physical stores across India to reach more customers.

Ques: Has Lenskart received any funding?

Ans: Yes, Lenskart has attracted investment from various sources, including IDG Ventures India, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Premji Invest.

Ques: What is the current valuation of Lenskart?

Ans: Lenskart is currently valued at around $500 million, a significant achievement considering its humble beginnings.

Ques: What are Lenskart’s future expansion plans?

Ans: Lenskart plans to open 1,000 stores across India in the next five years and is also exploring opportunities in markets like China and the Middle East.


Through a combination of offering a personalized shopping experience, affordability, and a wide variety of eyewear options, Lenskart stood out in a competitive landscape. Their transition from an online-only business to expanding into physical stores further broadened their reach and accessibility.

The strategic funding received from investors like IDG Ventures India, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Premji Invest fueled their growth, culminating in a valuation of approximately $500 million.Looking ahead, Lenskart’s ambitious expansion plans aim to open 1,000 stores in India and explore international markets. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and online excellence positions them for continued success.

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