Meet Ajay Bijl

Meet Ajay Bijl, not just PVR’s boss, but also a passionate singer

The chairman and managing director of PVR Ltd., Ajay Bijli, is an accomplished singer who just released a music video with his band Random Order. ‘Don’t let the sun go down on me,’ was first performed by Elton John in 1974. For Bijli, who has been singing the song since he was a toddler, it has unique importance. He desired to make his own version of it.

The song is dedicated to the medical community, who worked tirelessly and selflessly throughout the pandemic. “I was deeply impacted by the medical fraternity which was so sacrificing. They were so selfless. It really moved me,” says Bijli.  

The song’s video, which was just released on YouTube, portrays the story of the human soul.

“The idea behind the video was to tell a story. How the lockdown impacted people but then slowly people came to terms with it. How they dealt with it positively. And then how humanity prevails. The human spirit wins. That’s why the song is so apt,” added Bijli.  

Bijli is passionate about his music and has been studying with a Los Angeles-based teacher who has taught at both the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Trinity College of Music in Los Angeles. Due to the time difference, Bijli practises two or three times a week at 6 a.m.

“I am very conscientious. Even in a live performance I try and make no mistakes. We jam a lot. My band thinks I take myself too seriously,” he cracks up.

In the future, Bijli intends to release additional music videos. He says, “We’ve tasted blood.”

Members of Bijli’s band now wish to collaborate on original songs. “Covers are good but for any band, the natural progression is to write your own music. I have written some songs which they will try and put some music to,” he concluded.

Additionally, Bijli’s song is available on Spotify, Saavn, Apple Music, and iTunes.

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