MS Dhoni is an investor

MS Dhoni is an investor and brand ambassador of plant protein start-up, Shaka Harry

MS Dhoni, a former captain of India, has acquired shares in the plant-protein start-up “Shaka Harry,” which sells a variety of meals and snacks.

Dhoni was introduced by the company as an investor and brand ambassador at an event in Bengaluru. 

A growing number of start-ups are teaming with celebrities in which they provide a stake in their firm in exchange for promotion, even though the company does not specify whether it is a cash investment.

Shaka Harry co-founder Sandeep Devgan said Dhoni’s affiliation will help the company raise awareness of plant-based meat products while speaking on the sidelines of the event.

Dhoni is emerging as a well-known start-up investor after supporting numerous tech-enabled firms, such as the drone company Garuda Aerospace and the finance company Khatabook. 

He holds an interest in and serves as an ambassador for the following businesses: the food and beverage firm 7InkBrews, the online marketplace for pre-owned vehicles Cars24, and the athletic apparel company Seven.

“I love everything chicken, but increasingly, I am looking at a more balanced diet. It is much easier with products from Shaka Harry, which has a wide range that delivers a healthier experience than traditional meat dishes. For a growing population, current protein sources aren’t sustainably scalable. We now have a choice to shift to smarter protein alternatives without compromising on taste and texture,” Dhoni said.

Recently, Better Bite Ventures, Blue Horizon, and Panthera Peak Ventures led a $2 million seed investment round to support Shaka Harry, which has been running for nearly a year. 

Dexler Holdings, renowned chef Manu Chandra, a group of domestic family offices, and angel investors are among its additional investors.

Snackables and meal accompaniments are among the products offered by this company, which was founded by Anand Nagarajan, Sandeep Devgan, Hemalatha Srinivasan, Ruth Renita, and Anoop Haridasan.

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