Ratan Tata receives a custom-built Tata Nano EV from Electra EV

Electra EV, a provider of electric vehicle powertrain solutions, stated that its founder Ratan Tata has had a ride in the custom-built 72V Nano EV. In a LinkedIn post, the business announced this development. They went on to say that the firm is “extremely proud” to have delivered this electric vehicle and received his useful input on it.

“It is a moment of truth for Team Electra EV when our founder takes a ride in the custom-built 72V Nano EV, powered by the engineering might of Electra EV’s powertrain! We are super proud to deliver Mr. Tata’s Nano EV and gain insights from his invaluable feedback,” Electra EV’s LinkedIn post read. An image was also shared of the 84-year-old industrialist and philanthropist with his assistant Shantanu Naidu.

The 72V architecture utilized in the custom-built Nano EV extends the range of the Tigor EV’s 140 km model, allowing the business to change the designs to meet an ARAI-certified range of 213 km without affecting the physical powertrain kit’s constraints.

The Tata Nano EV is a four-seater with a range of up to 160 kilometers and a 0-60 kph time of fewer than 10 seconds. Super polymer lithium-ion batteries power the four-seater Tata Motors EV. 
According to Tata Motors, “The Tata Nano EV offers the practicality of a real car, compromising nothing in the pursuit of providing environment-friendly personal transportation for the modern consumer.”

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