September exports fell

September’s exports fell by 3.52% to $32.62 billion: Commerce Ministry

According to preliminary data issued by the commerce ministry on Monday, India’s exports decreased by 3.52% to $32.62 billion in September from $33.81 billion in the same month last year, while the trade deficit increased to $26.72 billion. 

However, the report indicated that imports for the month increased by 5.44% to $59.35 billion from $56.29 billion in September 2021.

From April through September 2022–2023, exports increased by 15.54% to $229.05 billion. Over time, imports rose by 37.89% to $378.53 billion. 

In comparison to the first six months of the previous fiscal year, the trade deficit increased to $149.47 billion from $76.25 billion.

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