Tata Motors is all set

Tata Motors is all set for transition towards electric products, says executive director

On Monday, Tata Motors stated that it is prepared to handle the shift to electric products and that it intends to keep investing in its commercial vehicle sector in the range of Rs 2,000 crore year to ensure that it keeps releasing new vehicles.

With the introduction of the Yodha 2.0, Intra V20 bi-fuel, and Intra V50 on Monday, the automobile manufacturer added another vehicle to its pickup range. 

The corporation wants to convert to electric transportation by using CNG-fueled vehicles among other alternative fuel vehicles.

At the event’s launch, Tata Motors Executive Director Girish Wagh stated that the company has been investing roughly Rs 2,000 crore annually in the commercial vehicle sector, including investments in internal combustion engines, alternative fuels, and electric vehicles. 

“We will continue to invest at the same rate to ensure that we keep coming with new vehicles,” he said.

Tata Motors, a USD 37 billion company, is a top producer of cars, utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, buses, and trucks.

When asked about the company’s progress toward developing electric products for commercial vehicles, Wagh stated that India will use alternative fuels to accelerate the trend toward zero-emission automobiles. He claimed that Tata Motors was expanding its selection of automobiles using alternative fuels.

“We showcased the one-tonne CNG-powered vehicle today… a few months ago, we had launched the CNG-powered medium and heavy commercial vehicle with a range of 1,000 kilometres.. so we are geared up to address this transition towards electrification through alternate fuel,” the top official said, adding that the company has already started the production of Tata Ace EV, and the deliveries were expected to begin next month.

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