The United States has 3,750 operational nuclear weapons, down from 3,805 a year ago.

The State Department revealed the number of nuclear weapons in the US arsenal on Tuesday, reversing Trump administration policy. This, according to the report, will enhance worldwide efforts to prevent the proliferation of such weapons.

As of September 2020, US weapons, including those under active status and those in long-term storage, totaled 3,750. This compares to 3,805 a year ago and 3,785 in 2018. In 2003, the United States had somewhat more than 10,000 nuclear weapons. In 1967, it reached a high of 31,255.

Kristensen believes that revealing the stockpile number will be useful to US diplomats in arms control negotiations and at the conference next year on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, where states, including the US, will be considering their disarmament commitments.

Early next year, the Biden administration will complete a review of nuclear weapons posture and policy.

During the conference on disarmament last February, Secretary of State Antony Blinken noted that President Biden recognized that weapons of mass destruction posed a threat to national security and moral responsibility for the United States.

Kristensen says disclosing stockpile data will be helpful to US diplomats during arms control negotiations and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty conference next year, when nuclear states, including the US, will assess their disarmament commitments.

An assessment of nuclear weapons posture and policy is underway by the Biden administration. It will be completed by early next year.

According to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, President Biden has stated that lessening and eliminating the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction is a national security imperative and a moral responsibility.

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