WHO announces a significant decline in new coronavirus cases.

Around 4 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide in the past week, according to the WHO. This is a dramatic decrease from the previous two months.

About 4.4 million new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the last several weeks, according to the latest figures.

Covid-19 cases have declined in every region of the world, the UN health agency reported in its weekly bulletin released on Tuesday.

There were around 62,000 deaths worldwide, with the biggest fall in Southeast Asia, while there was a 7% increase in deaths in Africa.

U.S. and British authorities have recorded more instances than any other country. The highly contagious delta form has been reported in 180 nations.

According to WHO, children and teenagers continue to be less impacted by Covid-19 than adults, and that the disease is responsible for fewer than 0.5 percent of global mortality among people under the age of 24.

On account of the global vaccine deficit, the WHO has already stated that children should not be prioritized for Covid-19 immunizations.

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