Amarinder Singh Forms New Political Party, ‘Punjab Lok Congress,’ and Sends Resignation To Sonia Gandhi.

Captain Amarinder Singh, the former Punjab chief minister, has resigned from Congress. According to sources, Amarinder Singh has delivered his resignation letter to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi.

Amarinder Singh declared on Twitter that the party he hopes to form would be called “Punjab Lok Congress,” and that it is awaiting approval from the Election Commission of India.

Captain Amarinder Singh wrote to Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi, saying, “I was truly very affected by your conduct and that of your children, whom I still deeply love as much as my children, having known their father since 1954, which is now for 67 years.”

“You chose to appoint an acolyte of the Pakistani deep state Navjyot Singh Sindhu, who had publicly hugged Pakistan Army Chief Gen Bajwa and Prime Minister Imran Khan, as the President of the Punjab Congress Committee, despite my profound reservations and the unanimous advice of almost all MPs from Punjab,” the former Punjab CM wrote in his resignation letter.

After much hullabaloo surrounding then-Chief Minister and Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu’s ascent to the role of Congress State President, Amarinder Singh resigned, claiming that the grand old party had “humiliated” him.

Amarinder Singh recently indicated that he will form his political party and will hold seat-sharing talks with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Akali Dal splinter factions, and others.

In addition, he stated that his party will run for all seats in the forthcoming Punjab Assembly Elections 2022.

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