Podcasts and live concerts may be the centerpiece of an Amazon new audio app similar to Clubhouse.

Shortly, Amazon may launch a live audio streaming service. The internet giant has revealed that it is working on a secret live audio function that could compete with Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces in the future.

According to a new rumor, the company’s music division is working on a new feature in the domain of live audio. Meanwhile, Amazon Music is claimed to be paying a variety of sources including podcast networks, musicians, and celebrities. According to reports, Amazon is also in negotiations with “big record companies” about hosting live audio events with musicians using the tool.

Axios recently published a story on the attempts. A new Amazon Music feature will enable users to watch live concerts and shows through their accounts. “Live-streaming concerts and chats” will be possible with the functionality, which will function like digital radio.

According to a source familiar with Amazon’s plans, the new feature would focus on live music and events for the time being. Even Amazon’s video streaming service Twitch may be able to use the live audio Podcasts and talk shows will likely be added in the future. Though not a social audio network like Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces, the concept is to stream live audio through the company’s own means to users.

An earlier story by Axios revealed light on Amazon’s attempts to invest in podcast programming for its audio channels, and this update confirms those efforts. Last year, the company acquired the American podcast network Wondery for $300 million to generate regional chat shows on news and sports topics. Since its acquisition by Amazon Music, the network is currently part of Amazon.

Live audio will be a key component of the company’s operations in the podcasting and music streaming space. In the quickly developing online audio arena, it’s likely to capture a whole new segment, and it’ll build on the types of information accessible and it’d be great for the Amazon-powered audio devices, such as Alexa and other smart speakers, that stream Amazon’s content.

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