DigiYatra - The Future of Air Travel

DigiYatra- The Future of Air Travel

Numerous initiatives have been launched in the last few years to make aviation easy and hassle-free for passengers. The launch of the DigiYatra service on 1st December, 2022, is a step in this direction. The innovative programme attempts to improve and streamline travellers’ airport experiences.

DigiYatra employs facial recognition technology to make terminal access and security clearance at the airport simpler. It is currently only available for domestic departures. You can digitally save your ID and travel papers on our decentralised mobile-based ID storage platform. 

Now that your face serves as your new boarding pass, you can avoid the airport queues and get extra time for pre-security screenings & terminal access. When using this facility, flyers can benefit from shorter wait times and less physical contact.

A step-by-step guide on how to use the service is provided below:

Step-by-step Guide for Using DigiYatra

Using DigiYatra can help flyers in a variety of ways. But in order to take advantage of these benefits, you must take the appropriate steps in the right order:

Download the official DigiYatra app:

When downloading the DigiYatra application, users are advised to exercise caution. Install only the legitimate app; avoid any fakes. Ensure that you have downloaded the official DigiYatra app by Digi Yatra Foundation.

Follow this enrollment procedure to use the DigiYatra app:

  1. Download DigiYatra app from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) on your smartphone. You will be asked to register using your cellphone number after the installation is complete. You can do so by entering the OTP that was delivered to your phone.
  2. After registering on DigiYatra, you will be requested to link your ID credentials via Offline Aadhaar or DigiLocker. If you select option number two, you will be asked to upload an XML file. Here, you should be aware that children under the age of five would not be eligible for Aadhaar.
  3. You will be asked for a selfie in the following step for further verification. Click a photo and then submit it to the app. Make sure that your image is unobstructed & clear.
  4. Upload your boarding pass to the DigiYatra app and share it with the departing airport to finish the enrollment process. When uploading papers, make sure the name on the flight ticket, Aadhaar, and boarding card match.
DigiYatra - The Future of Air Travel

When you have reached the airport, follow these steps:

  1. To use DigiYatra, arrive at the entry e-gate. The service is currently only accessible here. Share and scan your cellphone or bar-coded boarding pass at the gate. Look into the facial recognition system’s camera that was put at the gate Following successful validation, the electronic gate will open automatically to let admission.
  2. Drop your luggage off at the airline check-in counter once you’ve arrived at the terminal, if you are not carrying luggage, however, proceed directly to the DigiYatra Gate which is next to the business class entrance. Look into the facial recognition system that has been deployed at the e-gate. After successful validation, the gates will open to allow you to enter for a security check.
  3. Finally, use DigiYatra to pass through the boarding gate. (At this time, only a few gates offer it)

Final Thoughts

The DigiYatra service will make it easier for travellers to pass through security screenings. Your airport experience will be improved by the facility, which will also guarantee hassle-free, paperless, and contactless air travel. However, in order to do so, you must first download and register at the DigiYatra application. When doing so, keep in mind to adhere to the aforementioned procedure step-by-step without skipping or altering the sequence of events!

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