Foreign DSC for countries like China and Pakistan is re-enabled.

Citizens of other nations and/or their organizations, as well as Indian nationals living abroad, can apply for a digital signature certificate in India to perform safe online transactions in the country. E-sign is the only online digital signature certificate registration authority that makes this procedure easier by providing a genuinely online user experience.

Individuals/companies must file their application with the Ministry of Company Affairs to create a safe transaction or business. To obtain a foreign director’s DIN, you must also submit a digitally signed e-form.

As the digital signature certificate kit is provided via international courier, it is recommended that organizations and people from outside who may need to deal often in India apply well in advance of their need. There is a possibility that this process could take up to 21 business days. International applications are given priority at Esign, and if all requirements are met on time, courier delivery can be completed in 7 to 10 working days.

India’s income tax reports, registration with the Ministry of Company Affairs, patent and trademark applications, and online tendering require digital signature certifications. Applicants must register with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to create an Indian company or serve as a director in an Indian company. A class 3 digital signature certificate (signing + encryption) certificate (organization or individual type, as appropriate) valid for two years is also advised, rather than purchasing different types of digital signature certificates for each user application in India.

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