Rajasthan IT department orders Vodafone to pay Rs 28 lakh for fraud using counterfeit SIM cards

Using a duplicate cell phone SIM card given by the telecom operator without sufficient verification of customer identifying credentials, Vodafone Idea illegally transferred Rs 68.5 lakh from one of its customers’ accounts.

It involves Bhanu Pratap, who was granted a duplicate SIM belonging to another individual and transferred a total of Rs 68.5 lakh from IDBI bank to his other accounts. In the end, he repaid Rs 44 lakh to the victim, but the balance of the money has yet to be received. As of May 25, 2017, Krishna Lal Nain’s Vodafone Idea mobile number was no longer active and was disconnected. He went to the store of the telecom firm in Hanumangarh and complained. He received no response.

Despite repeated complaints, his new number remained inactive. For SIM activation on the next day in Jaipur, he went into one of the company’s stores. He’d transferred Rs 68.5 lakh using Nain’s IDBI Bank OTP.

Besides the fact that the duplicate SIM card was issued without sufficient verification of personal data, the delay in activation of the replacement SIM card and the transfer of money from the account during that time prompted severe concerns.

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