Nomad Food Project’s Triumph: Shopify, Shark Tank India, and Bacon Thechas!

Have you ever encountered bacon jams and spreads? Chances are, you hadn’t until the emergence of the Nomad Food Project.

The Nomad Food Project stands as an innovative food manufacturing company specializing in the creation and sale of unique bacon-based products, including jams and thechas.

Aditya and Advaith, two passionate food enthusiasts with culinary degrees from IHM, stumbled upon the concept of crafting a “bacon thecha” during a casual conversation while perusing restaurant menus.

Great ideas often strike unexpectedly, don’t they? Yet, Aditya and Advaith were not content with merely dreaming about their concept. They took action and ventured into the creation and sale of their bacon relishes.

From crafting the thechas and marketing them through their Shopify store to achieving nearly 50 lakhs in sales in 2021, Nomad Food Project has traveled a remarkable journey since its inception in 2019, when it was just a side endeavor.

And here’s the kicker – the brand made its mark on Shark Tank India. Aditya and Advaith received investment offers from all seven Sharks on the panel, an extraordinary achievement.

Join us as we delve into the story of this bootstrapped brand. We’ll share insights from our conversation with Aditya Rai and Advaith Inamke, the founders of Nomad Food Project. We’ll explore what inspired their bacon thechas, how their journey began, and the pivotal role Shopify played in their remarkable path.

How their journey began:

The journey of the Nomad Food Project began with a casual conversation between the two co-founders, Aditya and Advaith. While they were browsing through restaurant menus, they stumbled upon the idea of creating a unique product – “bacon thecha.” The concept piqued their interest & rather than just leaving it as a passing thought, they decided to turn it into a reality.Inspired by their culinary backgrounds and a shared passion for food, they embarked on a mission to create their own bacon relishes. This initial spark of creativity and culinary curiosity laid the foundation for what would become the Nomad Food Project.

Their journey, which started as a small side-business, soon gained momentum as they began manufacturing thechas and offering them through their Shopify store. The combination of their culinary expertise, innovative product, and effective marketing strategies led to substantial success. By 2021, they had achieved nearly 50 lakhs in sales, showcasing the remarkable growth of their brand in a relatively short period.

One pivotal moment in their journey was being featured on Shark Tank India, where their unique product and business model received investment offers from all seven Sharks. This recognition marked a significant milestone, further propelling their brand into the spotlight.In essence, the journey of the Nomad Food Project is a testament to how a simple idea born from a casual conversation can evolve into a thriving business with the right mix of passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

About Founders:

Aditya Rai and Advaith Inamke are the passionate and innovative co-founders behind the Nomad Food Project. These two culinary enthusiasts share a common background with degrees from IHM (Institute of Hotel Management), which equipped them with the skills and knowledge to explore the culinary world.

Their journey as co-founders began when they stumbled upon the idea of creating a unique product, “bacon thecha,” during a casual conversation while browsing restaurant menus. Rather than letting this creative spark fade away, they decided to take action and turn their concept into reality.Aditya and Advaith’s culinary expertise and shared passion for food played a pivotal role in shaping the Nomad Food Project. They took their concept from the drawing board to reality, manufacturing their bacon relishes and offering them through their Shopify store. Their journey is a testament to their dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and the unique blend of skills and creativity they bring to the table.

Finding the Right Platform: Shopify’s Role in Nomad Food Project’s Journey

When Aditya and Advaith identified a growing demand for their unique bacon thechas, they knew it was time to establish an online presence. However, they faced a challenge – they lacked technical and marketing expertise. To overcome this hurdle, they wisely decided to seek the assistance of a professional agency to set up their website.

This strategic move turned out to be a valuable choice for the duo. It ensured that their initial foray into the online marketplace wouldn’t result in a poor customer experience. This early investment would prove to be a crucial step toward building a strong & reliable online platform for their business.

However, what pleasantly surprised Aditya and Advaith was how user-friendly and intuitive Shopify turned out to be. The platform’s ease of use was such that, shortly after launching, they were able to take over the operations themselves. Their experience with Shopify has been so positive that they readily recommend it to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing its smooth and stable performance as a cornerstone of their success.

Sales & Achievements:

In a relatively short span of time, the Nomad Food Project achieved remarkable sales and achievements that highlight its impressive growth and recognition:

  • Sales Figures: The Nomad Food Project, known for its bacon-based products like jams and thechas, achieved nearly 50 lakhs in sales in the year 2021. This significant sales figure is a testament to the brand’s growing popularity and consumer demand for its unique products.
  • Shark Tank India: One of the outstanding achievements of the Nomad Food Project was its feature on Shark Tank India. During their appearance on the show, the co-founders, Aditya and Advaith, received investment offers from all seven Sharks on the panel. This recognition and financial support from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors is a rare feat and a testament to the brand’s innovation and potential.

These sales figures and their successful appearance on Shark Tank India demonstrate the Nomad Food Project’s impressive journey and its ability to turn a unique food concept into a thriving and recognized business.

Future Plans:

While the specific future plans of the Nomad Food Project may evolve over time, some potential directions and aspirations for the brand could include:

  1. Product Diversification: Expanding their product range by introducing new and innovative bacon-based products. This could include variations of thechas, jams, or other bacon-infused culinary delights.
  2. Market Expansion: Exploring new markets and regions, both within India and potentially internationally. Expanding their reach could involve partnerships with distributors and retailers.
  3. E-commerce Growth: Continuing to enhance and promote their online presence through their Shopify store. This may involve investing in digital marketing strategies and optimizing the user experience for customers.
  4. Branding and Marketing: Strengthening their brand identity and marketing efforts. This could include collaborations with influencers, participating in food festivals & creating engaging content to reach a wider audience.
  5. Sustainability Initiatives: Embracing sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in their production & packaging, aligning with growing consumer preferences for eco-friendly products.
  6. Community Engagement: Building a loyal customer base by engaging with their audience, seeking feedback, and actively participating in the food and culinary community.
  7. Innovation and Research: Continuing to innovate and research new food concepts, staying ahead of culinary trends, and maintaining their reputation as pioneers in the field.

These future plans can contribute to the continued success and growth of the Nomad Food Project, allowing them to remain a dynamic and influential player in the food manufacturing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Nomad Food Project, and what do they offer?

The Nomad Food Project is a food manufacturing company known for its innovative bacon-based products, including jams and thechas.

2. How did the idea for bacon thechas come about?

The idea for creating bacon thechas was born during a conversation between co-founders Aditya and Advaith while browsing through restaurant menus.

3. How did their journey begin?

Their journey started by turning their idea into a reality, manufacturing the thechas, and selling them through their Shopify store.

4. What is the significance of their Shopify store in their journey?

The Shopify store played a pivotal role as their online platform for selling bacon thechas. Its user-friendly interface allowed them to take over operations themselves shortly after launching.

5. What were their sales achievements in 2021?

In 2021, the Nomad Food Project achieved nearly 50 lakhs in sales, showcasing their remarkable growth in just a few years.

6. How did the Nomad Food Project fare on Shark Tank India?

The brand made a significant impact on Shark Tank India by receiving investment offers from all seven Sharks on the panel, a rare feat in the show’s history.


Being featured on Shark Tank India and receiving investment offers from all seven Sharks is a remarkable achievement, demonstrating the uniqueness and potential of their brand.

The Nomad Food Project’s success story serves as an encouragement for budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities, embracing innovation, and using digital platforms like Shopify to turn dreams into reality. Their journey showcases the incredible results that can be achieved when passion and innovation are combined with the right tools and opportunities.

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