The Journey of a Baby care Startup Empowering Supermoms

From Mother’s Love to Natural Skincare: The Moms Co. Success Story

Malika Sadani’s journey to a successful business idea began unexpectedly when she faced a personal challenge – finding a suitable moisturizer for her daughter’s sensitive skin. It quickly became evident that many other mothers shared the same struggle. To address this common issue, Malika embarked on a mission to create natural and safe products. She conducted in-depth research by speaking with over 200 mothers and realized the market’s lack of accessible natural options.

With her newfound revelation, Malika made a bold decision to leave her lucrative finance job behind and, in 2016, co-founded The Moms Co. with her husband. They established the company under the name Amishi Consumer Technologies Pvt Ltd, investing an initial sum of Rs 15 lakh.

Today ,The Moms Co. is a thriving venture, providing a range of trusted and natural products that cater to the needs of mothers and their children. Malika’s dedication to creating safe and reliable solutions has not only transformed her own life but has also made a positive impact on countless others.

Tripling Growth: The Incredible Journey of ‘The Moms Co.’ from 2 Lakh to 24 Lakh in One Year

Operating under the brand name “To The Moms,” the company made its official product launch in March 2017. Starting with an initial turnover of Rs 2 lakh, the business demonstrated impressive growth, reaching Rs 24 lakh in the subsequent year. This remarkable achievement laid the foundation for an incredible journey of annual expansion, with growth rates consistently tripling that of the previous year.

Malika’s Conversations with Moms: The Catalyst for The Moms Co’s Million-Dollar Success

Malika had in-depth discussions with the same 200 moms as part of her dedication to finding solutions to the genuine issues that mothers confront. These enlightening conversations were extremely important in forming her company. As the company gained momentum, it attracted a significant investment of 1 million dollars, propelling further growth. Capitalizing on this opportunity, The Moms Co expanded its business presence to various cities.

The Moms Co Store: A Game-Changer in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities

Although The Moms Co. experienced significant success online, the company acknowledged the importance of reaching customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, where offline purchases were prevalent. In response to this market demand, Malika and her husband took a strategic step and introduced “The Moms Co Store” concept. In 2018, they successfully launched 100 physical stores, which proved to be a game-changer, contributing to an impressive revenue surge of Rs 7.6 Crore.

Explosive Growth: The Moms Co. Achieves Rs 150 Crore Revenue Milestone in 4.5 Years

Building on the strong momentum, The Moms Co. accelerated its growth in 2020 by establishing more than 250 stores, leading to a significant increase in its annual turnover, which reached Rs 22.3 crore. As the company continued to expand, its presence grew to over 1500 stores by 2021, achieving a remarkable revenue milestone of Rs 150 Crore in just 4.5 years.

The Moms Co. Joins Forces with Good GLAM in a Rs 500 Crore Acquisition

The Moms Co.’s remarkable success caught the attention of The Good Glamm Group, a rising unicorn in the skincare segment, which had been actively seeking to acquire a brand in the mom-and-baby market. As a result, The Moms Co. was acquired by Good Glamm for an impressive sum of Rs 500 Crore. This acquisition marked a major milestone for both companies, as they joined forces to further excel in the thriving skincare industry.

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