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National Nutrition Week 2022: Nutrition For Women Of All Ages

Every year, from September 1 to September 7, National Nutrition Week is observed in an effort to increase public awareness of the value of nutrition for human health and the need for prompt, effective action to end hunger and malnutrition. 

While everyone needs nutrients, functional nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder, iThrive, emphasised that women’s nutrition is the “cornerstone of great health and optimum vitality at every stage of their lives.”

According to a study by Population Reference Bureau, “Adequate nutrition, a vital cornerstone of any individual’s health, is especially crucial for women since poor nutrition wreaks havoc not only on women’s own health but also on the health of their children.”

Nutrition for Women Radium News

Pradhan continued by saying that women should be aware of including these crucial elements in their diets since, at particular times in life, some vitamins and minerals become highly essential.
In her final statement, Pradhan said that consuming these vital elements naturally from food is preferable to taking dietary supplements, even though the latter “may be helpful in some instances, notably if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, trying to conceive, or otherwise at risk for a particular nutritional deficit.”

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