Bharat Nutrition Week Radium News

National Nutrition Week 2022: How To Celebrate Bharat Nutrition Week?

India’s largest festival of healthy eating and nutrition, National Nutrition Week takes place from September 1–7. 

The following activities mark this week’s celebration:

Bharat Nutrition Week Radium News
  • Throughout the week, a live webcast series of nutrition events on India’s historic health and wellbeing forum is featured.
  • Bringing together relevant ministries, public and private organisations, international and national health and good food organisations, policymakers, corporations and grassroots social organisations, top nutrition, good food and diet experts, and doctors for a live web interaction with target audiences.
  • Providing information on government initiatives, comprehensive healthy eating habits, and nutrition education for women and children.
  • Mass Penetration with numerous active social media platforms.
  • The largest virtual quiz in India, Bharat Poshan Premier Quiz, draws schools, students, and their parents from all around the country. For young and developing children with a critical need for interest in high-quality food and healthy living, this online quiz, which focuses on good food, nutrition, and healthy eating habits, is engaging, educational, and exciting.
  • To promote healthy food practices in India, Healthy Khayega India is driven by social media influencers, top nutritionists, and chefs who cook healthy dishes online.

From this week on, let’s all put more of an emphasis on wholesome foods that are also delectable for a happy and long life.

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