How Indian colleges and universities are working to get Afghan students back to campus

Due to the continuous conflict in Afghanistan, Afghan students studying in India face an uncertain future. The majority of Afghan students enrolled in Indian universities had returned home owing to the Coronavirus epidemic and hoped to return to their campuses once the situation improved. The safety of some students, who are now in India, is also a concern for their families back home.
These students are being brought back to college by Indian institutes so that their futures are not jeopardized. A first, IIT Bombay has declared that it will allow Afghanistan students to come back and dwell in the dormitories on campus again.
A number of Afghan students were admitted to the master’s program through ICCR scholarships this year. Their participation in the class was possible because of the online instructions. Last week, IIT Bombay’s director Subhasis Chaudhuri explained that the students were motivated to leave their native country owing to increasingly deteriorating conditions.
For Afghan students, IIT Delhi has set up a hotline at 011 26591713, 9811091942, or by email at [email protected] As part of the IPFP, the institute will also accept these students’ Ph.D. applications on a rolling basis, allowing them to be admitted whenever they apply.
Even at private colleges, the situation is similar, and they are making attempts to assist these students. LPU Jalandhar is home to 170 Afghan students.
Our foreign affairs office is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week since both students at home and in school require emotional assistance. For their family’s sake, they’re terrified to death. We’ve extended the deadlines for kids enrolling in the current school year. To help these kids adjust, we’ll be easing up on their exam schedules in the meantime.”
Even though India’s research institutions have been working as hard as they can, Mittal said it’s still tough because the airport isn’t working well and most of the international crossings to Afghanistan are blocked. “We can only pray and hope for the students who will carry the psychological scars of the crisis for the rest of their lives”, he added.

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