Internet, phone, and messaging services are suspended in Panjshir by the Taliban.

Last night, the Taliban in Panjshir province cut off internet access, phone, and messaging services to impose a communication blockage. There, the Northern Alliance, the armed resistance against the Taliban, may be found.

Speaking to Zee News, Ahmad Massoud’s spokesman Fahim Dashty stated that from Saturday (August 28) evening, all Panjshir telecom services have been cut off. Calls and messaging services have also been cut off.

Panjshir is one of Afghanistan’s last surviving hotbeds of resistance that has escaped the Taliban’s grasp. Ahmad Massoud, the son of Sher-e-Panjshir Ahmad Shah Massoud, commands the Afghan Resistance Forces against the Taliban. Additionally, Amrullah Saleh, the Afghan Vice President in Acting capacity, and Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, Afghanistan’s Defense Minister under Ashraf Ghani, as well as previous military leaders who remained in the nation are also present at the site.

Taliban forces had deployed 3000 Taliban fighters to the Panjshir border on August 23 intending to capture the valley. Terrorists have not yet invaded Panjshir, despite mounting international pressure, however. But now there’s a worry that the insurgent organization may use violence to seize Panjshir.

Afghanistan’s acting minister of higher education has said girls and boys would no longer study together at Afghanistan’s institutions, according to Afghan media reports. In line with Islamic law, girls will be able to study in separate courses after the ban on co-education.

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