EU rules would mandate all phones to have USB-C chargers.

Under a new rule proposed by the European Commission, manufacturers will be compelled to produce a universal charge solution for phones and tiny electronic gadgets (EC).

The objective is to reduce waste by encouraging consumers to reuse current carriers when they buy a new unit.

The plan says that all EU cellphones must contain USB-C chargers.

Such a measure would damage innovation, as was warned by Apple.

Tech Giant is the main smartphone maker, using a customized recharge port, like the Apple-based ‘Lightning’ connector in its iPhone series.

“We continue to be worried that a stringent rule mandating only one connector type will hinder innovation, not promote it, which will affect consumers both in Europe and worldwide,” said the company to BBC.

It is said that it is designed to ensure the carbon neutrality of every Apple product and its use by 2030.

The majority of Android phones are either equipped with USB micro-B load ports or switched to contemporary USB-C standards.

New versions for the iPad, MacBook, and popular Android manufacturers Samsung, Huawei, use USB-C charging connections.

In addition to changing the charge port on the device body, the cable end connected to a connector may also change from USB-C to USB-A.

Approximately half the charges sold in the EU by 2018 had a USB micro-B connector; a Commission impact assessment study of 2019 revealed that 29% had a USB C connector and 21% had a lightning connector.

Smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, mobile speakers, and gaming handheld consoles shall be covered under the proposed guidelines.

For technical reasons related to the dimensions and conditions of use, other goods such as earbuds, smartwatches, and fitness trackers were not considered.

The idea also standardizes fast charge speeds – that means that devices equipped to charge quickly are loaded at the same speed.

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