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Google Accelerator: 20 Generative AI-Focused Startups

The Google for Startups Accelerator program is designed to support and empower early-stage startups by providing them with resources, Mentorship, and Access to Google’s extensive network of experts and technologies. With a focus on nurturing entrepreneurial talent, This program plays a pivotal role in helping startups thrive and reach new heights.

The selected Indian startups represent a diverse range of industries, including Healthcare, E-Commerce, Education, Finance, Technology, and more. They have demonstrated their ability to leverage Technology and Innovation to address real-world challenges and drive meaningful change in their respective sectors.

Here is a brief overview of the 20 startups that were chosen:

Actofit: A tech platform that uses a line of wearables, metabolically-optimized coaching, and lifestyle habit building to treat chronic diseases including diabetes and obesity.

Algobio: By making correct molecular information available through their cloud-hosted software solution, they are promoting greater health, well-being, and innovation.

Atsuya: is a vertically integrated deep-tech startup focused on enabling operational excellence in enterprises.

AyuRythm: A hyper-personalized digital companion for holistic well-being that combines cutting-edge technology with age-old methods of diagnosing and treating illness. 

Blend: Manage listings for commerce and co-pilot for teams working in e-commerce.

Cloudphysician Healthcare: strives to be the partner of every healthcare professional while delivering accessible and customized care.

DentalDost: Every smartphone user may now receive an early diagnosis thanks to DentalDost, which also addresses the issue of first-mile healthcare accessibility by making dental care dependable, economical, and accessible.

Expertia AI: this is a full-stack hiring platform powered by AI that helps with everything from talent identification to decision-making while cutting down on time, expense, and bias by 90%. 

Filo: is an instant live tutoring program that sets up a live one-on-one video session between a student and the appropriate tutor in about 60 seconds.

KarmaLifeAI: A financial platform that provides earnings-linked financing on a subscription basis to gig and blue-collar employees.

Knorish: The world’s most convenient no-code, AI-powered platform for the creative economy is being built by Knorish. It will enable knowledge commerce by simplifying sales funnels for online courses, webinars, and memberships on unique websites and applications.

 LimeChat: With AI-powered conversational commerce on WhatsApp and Instagram, LimeChat is elevating e-commerce brands and enabling superior customer service, sales, and marketing. 

Mozark: With a “single source of truth” platform encompassing every element of the digital ecosystem, they evaluate effectiveness across all client journeys.

Namaste Business: Using Namaste, small businesses may quickly create their own e-commerce website and app, as well as submit those apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Neodocs: Creating a platform for quick at-home testing to measure biomarkers with just a smartphone.

Qoruz is a professional community for content creators that uses automation and social analytics to streamline brand partnerships and improve transparency. 

Rooter: A gaming and esports content platform called Rooter was created to give the nation’s millions of gamers a place to connect. 

Swasthya AI: Fast-tracking cancer research and enabling customized care for better patient outcomes are two goals of the Swasthya AI platform, a technological platform for healthcare stakeholders.

Trainman: An IRCTC-approved train booking app that provides free flight upgrades on waitlisted train tickets and assists customers with PNR status, waitlist forecast, and train running status. With only one click, can translate text, photos, podcasts, and videos into more than 75 different languages.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Ques: What is Google Accelerator? 

Ans: Google Accelerator is a program designed to support and empower early-stage startups by providing them with resources, mentorship, and access to Google’s network of experts and technologies. It aims to help startups grow and scale their businesses.

Ques: What is the focus of the seventh class of Google Accelerator?

Ans: The seventh class of Google Accelerator is specifically focused on generative AI. These startups are leveraging artificial intelligence to create innovative and transformative solutions using generative AI technology.

Ques: How were the startups selected for the seventh class? 

Ans: The startups were selected through a rigorous evaluation process conducted by Google. The selection criteria included factors such as the potential for growth, innovation, and the ability to make a positive impact in their respective industries.

Ques: What industries do the selected startups belong to? 

Ans: The selected startups belong to various industries, including healthcare, finance, education, e-commerce, and more. The diverse range of industries demonstrates the wide applicability of generative AI technology.

Ques: What support do the startups receive in the Google Accelerator program?

Ans: The startups in the Google Accelerator program receive resources, mentorship, and guidance from experienced professionals and industry leaders. They also gain access to Google’s technologies, tailored curriculum, and a network of fellow entrepreneurs.


We are excited to see how these 20 Indian startups will leverage the resources and knowledge gained from the Google for Startups Accelerator program to accelerate their growth and make a lasting impact in their respective industries. Their Innovative ideas and Entrepreneurial spirit have the potential to shape the future of the Indian startup ecosystem and contribute to the country’s economic development.We congratulate these startups on their selection for the seventh class of the Google for Startups Accelerator program and look forward to witnessing their journey of success and innovation. Stay tuned for updates on their progress and achievements as they embark on this exciting entrepreneurial adventure.

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