WhatsApp users can soon hide their last seen from the selected contacts.

WhatsApp is aiming to improve user experience with a variety of new features. It was reported some days ago that WhatsApp is testing the opportunity to allow users in the last visualized and profile image of selected contacts to hide their statuses. Earlier WhatsApp was tested on the iOS Beta App, but now it is tested on the Android version of the app with the same feature.

WhatsApp plans to introduce the last visible feature, status, profile, and more from chosen contacts as described in Wabetainfo. “WhatsApp plans to include the Last View, Profile Picture, About option “My contact except,” so that you can eventually omit a contact to view certain data without setting it to Nobody,” the report said.

The WhatsApp tracker has shared a display of how the function looks as soon as it is running out. You can see four selections in the screenshot, including Everyone, My contacts, and My contacts except Nobody. If you have a nosey friend or colleague with whom you don’t want to share your updates, you also have the option of contacting them. Also, you can hide from all your contacts the last visible, profile photo, and everything else.

“The contact does not need an updated app version to be used when you omit a contact as the server manages that setting for you automatically. So you can instantly begin excluding contacts when this function is activated for beta testers,” states the report.

But it is vital to realize that you wouldn’t be able to see the last one you saw from someone or individuals in general. Also, if you forbid them from reading yours, you could not view their WhatsApp tales or updates.

WhatsApp tests its iOS and Android apps for the time being. No formal announcements have been made concerning the same in the messaging app. The functionality is being developed and may not be immediately available.

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