AI Enhancing Motherhood for 200K Women

Padmini Janaki, hailing from Chennai, holds the reins of the innovative startup, Mind & Mom, reshaping the landscape of motherhood support. Her journey intertwines her passion for technology, envisioning its transformative power, particularly in the realm of female healthcare.

Driven by her tech fascination since youth, Padmini witnessed the potential of technology to amplify impact. Yet, the realization that this passion would burgeon into her brainchild, ‘Mind & Mom,’ dawned unexpectedly.

Inaugurated in 2021, this visionary venture stands as a testament to the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) with female healthcare—a platform poised to revolutionize the maternal experience. Padmini’s brainchild puts a profound focus on redefining the very essence of parenthood in today’s dynamic society.

Padmini’s keen observations since her early years unveiled the distinct perspective through which motherhood is perceived within Chennai’s cultural tapestry. This realization became the catalyst for her mission to redefine, elevate, and empower the journey of motherhood through Mind & Mom’s holistic support ecosystem.

Driven by a mission to empower and educate, Mind & Mom serves as a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to guide women from the contemplation of family planning to the fruition of motherhood. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bridge critical gaps in maternal healthcare, offering guidance, counseling, and resources meticulously curated to support women at every stage of their fertility journey.

The Mind & Mom Founders:

At the forefront of Mind & Mom’s innovative journey stands Padmini Janaki, a visionary product manager deeply entrenched in a mission to reshape the maternal healthcare landscape through cutting-edge technology. Originating from Chennai, Padmini’s trajectory narrates a compelling fusion of her tech-driven prowess and a profound understanding of the intricate layers defining motherhood.

Her fascination with technology, nurtured since an early age, germinated into an unwavering belief in its unmatched scalability and transformative prowess. This steadfast conviction culminated in the inception of Mind & Mom, an enterprise conceived to redefine the essence of maternal care through the prism of groundbreaking technological solutions.

Padmini’s leadership serves as the guiding force behind Mind & Mom’s integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its very fabric. This infusion of AI amplifies the platform’s capabilities, spanning a spectrum of comprehensive support services. From personalized counseling sessions to facilitating medical consultations, offering guidance through the intricate process of IVF treatments, and extending support beyond conventional boundaries—her vision transcends mere technological applications. It embodies an empathetic and purpose-driven utilization of technology to enrich and empower the journey of motherhood for women hailing from diverse backgrounds.

Her resolute commitment isn’t solely directed at technological advancements; it’s a relentless pursuit of leveraging technology’s transformative potential to infuse empathy and purpose into the maternal healthcare landscape. Padmini Janaki’s leadership at Mind & Mom represents an earnest endeavor to revolutionize the very essence of maternal care, epitomizing a harmonious synergy between innovation, empathy, and inclusivity.

Contemplating Motherhood’s Choice:

The inevitability of motherhood for women often raises questions about choice. “Isn’t it peculiar how motherhood is presumed, rather than chosen?” muses Padmini. Amidst society’s emphasis on “having a baby,” discussions on the myriad physical and emotional transformations remain scarce.

Padmini’s awareness of the need for comprehensive understanding and support for women contemplating pregnancy blossomed during her visual communication bachelor’s program. However, the impetus to turn this aspiration into reality came during a 2019 U.S. work trip.

Assigned to a project centered on teen pregnancies, Padmini’s research stint in and around Nashville proved eye-opening. Witnessing pregnant teenagers, determined to raise their children alone, sparked questions about their preparedness and understanding of the journey ahead.This experience served as Padmini’s awakening. Upon returning to India, she dedicated herself to formulating a model that would offer holistic support to women before and during pregnancy.

Two years later, Mind & Mom secured a substantial grant through StartupTN’s ‘TANSEED 2021.’ Padmini’s brainchild, a comprehensive fertility app, extends support to couples throughout treatment, prioritizing mental and physical health resources. “Over two lakh women have already benefited,” Padmini proudly asserts.In the initial days of founding Mind & Mom, she faced skepticism. “India’s population is 1.4 billion. Why add to it?” Padmini countered, drawing parallels to education: “Just as a child deserves schooling, anyone wishing to conceive deserves the right and support without justification.”Padmini’s journey epitomizes her mission: empowering women with informed choices, challenging societal norms, and advocating for the unobstructed path to motherhood.

How the Journey started:

The inception of Mind & Mom sprouted from a compelling vision to revolutionize maternal healthcare, driven by Padmini Janaki’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology. Padmini’s journey, rooted in her profound understanding of the complexities surrounding motherhood and her keen awareness of technology’s potential, laid the groundwork for this innovative venture.

The startup’s genesis traces back to a pivotal realization during Padmini’s formative years, recognizing the dearth of comprehensive support and guidance for women embarking on their journey to motherhood. This recognition metamorphosed into an aspiration to bridge the gap, offering holistic assistance to women contemplating pregnancy, navigating fertility treatments, and embracing the transformative experience of motherhood.

The impetus for Mind & Mom gained momentum during Padmini’s immersive experiences, notably during a work trip to the United States in 2019. Tasked with conceptualizing models centered on teen pregnancies, Padmini’s research stint in and around Nashville became an eye-opening expedition. Witnessing pregnant teenagers grappling with their impending motherhood journey sparked a profound awakening, catalyzing her commitment to redefine the narrative surrounding motherhood.

Armed with this newfound conviction and propelled by the amalgamation of technological expertise and empathetic insight, Mind & Mom emerged as a beacon of hope in the maternal healthcare landscape. The startup’s foundation was laid upon the principles of leveraging cutting-edge technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), to provide comprehensive support, guidance, and resources tailored to assist women throughout their fertility journey.

Thus, Mind & Mom embarked on its trajectory, driven by a fervent dedication to empowering women, debunking myths, offering guidance, and fostering an inclusive environment where every woman has access to informed choices and unwavering support on her path to motherhood.

Embarking on Fertility Education and Empowerment:

Mind & Mom’s multifaceted approach extends beyond maternal guidance, delving into educating individuals about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)—a pivotal fertility treatment involving the laboratory fusion of a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm to create embryos, subsequently implanted into the uterus to facilitate conception.

Padmini sheds light on a concerning trend: women in their twenties opting for premature IVF. She attributes this to the intricacies of IVF being shrouded in scientific complexity, leaving women without proper guidance. Mind & Mom’s ethos revolves around being the guiding beacon for women at the onset of their family planning journey, irrespective of their choice between IVF or natural conception. Surprisingly, lifestyle modifications prove sufficient for a significant portion of women, resulting in a 40 to 50 percent success rate in achieving pregnancy sans IVF intervention—a testament to the platform’s holistic approach.

Sandhya’s experience from Chennai epitomizes the transformative impact of Mind & Mom. Initially lost amidst the uncertainty of IVF, she discovered guidance and support through the app, culminating in a natural pregnancy even before commencing the IVF procedure—a truly miraculous moment for her. However, Aisha’s story from Puducherry echoes the challenges many face. Despite multiple failed IVF attempts, the app became her lifeline. Mind & Mom’s comprehensive aid, including hospital recommendations, mental health support, and a Tamil language bot, turned the tide, leading to her current pregnancy and renewed hope. Mind & Mom’s app acts as a comprehensive guide, empowering women to track menstrual cycles, ovulation, and engage in mental well-being activities—a holistic approach to fostering overall health and wellness.

When IVF becomes the chosen path, AI steps in, matching patients with compatible IVF clinics across South India from a pool of 32 high-success-rate clinics. Additionally, Mind & Mom’s collaboration with NBFCs offers interest-free loans, ensuring accessibility to those in need. For Padmini, leveraging AI translates into spreading joy and transforming lives. The app’s advanced features, driven by evolving AI capabilities, have revolutionized reproductive health care. Addressing the contentious issue of India’s burgeoning population, Padmini sees it as a double-edged sword. While acknowledging its challenges, she sees India’s youth-dominated demographic as a strength—a catalyst for economic growth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques: What is Mind & Mom’s primary focus?

Mind & Mom centers on leveraging technology, particularly AI, to transform and enhance the maternal healthcare experience for women.

Ques: How does AI technology aid in motherhood?

AI within Mind & Mom’s platform facilitates personalized guidance, counseling, medical consultations, and comprehensive support tailored to each woman’s journey through motherhood.

Ques: Is Mind & Mom’s support limited to certain stages of motherhood?

No, Mind & Mom offers support from pre-conception counseling to fertility treatments, pregnancy, and postpartum care, ensuring holistic assistance across the entire motherhood journey.

Ques: How does the app benefit women contemplating pregnancy?

The app empowers women with tools to track menstrual cycles, ovulation, and engage in mental well-being activities, fostering a comprehensive approach to health.

Ques: Does Mind & Mom exclusively advocate for IVF treatments?

No, Mind & Mom emphasizes informed choices. Lifestyle modifications are encouraged, leading to natural pregnancies in numerous cases, alongside support for those opting for fertility treatments.

Ques: How does AI assist in connecting users with IVF clinics?

Mind & Mom’s AI technology matches users with compatible IVF clinics, ensuring accessibility to reputable facilities across South India based on individual compatibility.


Through cutting-edge AI integration, this platform offers personalized guidance, counseling, and a comprehensive suite of resources tailored to each woman’s unique journey. From pre-conception to postpartum care, Mind & Mom’s unwavering commitment ensures inclusivity, empowering informed choices and fostering holistic well-being.

This initiative stands as a testament to leveraging technology’s prowess not just for medical advancement but also for nurturing emotional resilience and support. Mind & Mom’s success stories and commitment to diversity underscore its unwavering dedication to enhancing the maternal healthcare experience, setting new benchmarks in empowering 200,000 women with knowledge, guidance, and unparalleled support on their path to motherhood.

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