Personalised Perfection The Artistic World of Kanika Ranka Adani

Personalised Perfection: The Artistic World of Kanika Ranka Adani

In the heart of Mumbai, artist Kanika Ranka Adani is crafting a new definition of luxury through her personalised creations at The Studio Project. With her distinctive artistic flair, Kanika has garnered attention from some of India’s most prominent figures. Celebrities like Virat Kohli, Nita Ambani, and Sonam Kapoor have all become avid supporters of her wearable art. Through her unique approach, Kanika transforms everyday items into bespoke masterpieces that resonate with individual personalities and styles. Her passion for artistry and personalisation has not only set her apart but has also captured the hearts of those seeking something truly special and one-of-a-kind.

A Creative Journey Begins

Kanika’s love for art blossomed at a young age. As a child, she was drawn to the allure of creating something unique and meaningful. This innate passion propelled her towards a formal education in visual arts. Kanika chose to hone her skills at the prestigious School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where she embarked on a transformative four-year journey.

At the institute, Kanika’s artistic exploration knew no bounds. Unlike traditional art schools that often pigeonhole students into specific mediums, she was encouraged to experiment across a range of disciplines. This freedom allowed her to delve into diverse artistic realms, from the intricate strokes of painting to the fiery craft of glass blowing. Each medium offered a new perspective, challenging her to adapt and innovate.

This interdisciplinary approach not only enriched her artistic vocabulary but also nurtured a holistic understanding of art’s limitless possibilities. It enabled Kanika to develop a versatile skill set, equipping her to tackle creative challenges with confidence and creativity. As she honed her craft, Kanika discovered the joy of blending different techniques and styles, creating a unique artistic signature that would become synonymous with her name.

The Birth of The Studio Project

Upon returning to India, Kanika Ranka Adani felt a strong desire to fuse her love for fine art with the dynamic world of fashion. She envisioned a space where artistic creativity could thrive in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment. This vision gave birth to The Studio Project in 2017, marking the beginning of a new chapter in luxury personalisation.

While the luxury market was no stranger to personalised items, Kanika noticed a gap. Many brands offered customisation, but the offerings often felt generic, lacking the personal touch that makes an item truly special. Driven by this insight, Kanika set out on a mission to redefine luxury personalisation.

At The Studio Project, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring it stands out as a unique work of art. Kanika’s passion for creativity and her commitment to excellence shine through in every customised creation. Her innovative approach has garnered attention from discerning clientele, including celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike.

By blending the worlds of art and fashion, Kanika has created a space where luxury meets individuality. The Studio Project doesn’t just offer personalised items; it offers a personalised experience, celebrating the uniqueness of each customer’s story through bespoke creations.

Crafting Luxurious Masterpieces

The Studio Project is a treasure trove of customised luxury items, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. From trendy canvas shoes adorned with unique designs to sophisticated high-end luggage, there’s something for everyone. Kanika Ranka Adani’s journey in the luxury personalisation space began with a bang when she undertook her first luxury project—a personalised Goyard art clutch. This project was a testament to her artistic prowess and set the stage for the remarkable journey that lay ahead.

Today, The Studio Project stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the luxury market. Kanika’s collaborations with esteemed brands like Ferragamo, Charles and Keith, and Ralph Lauren have further solidified her reputation as a leading figure in the world of customised luxury. Her distinctive artistic flair adds a unique touch to each collaboration, transforming everyday items into bespoke pieces of art.

Whether it’s adding artistic elements to a new collection launch or infusing creativity into a special edition, Kanika’s contributions are always infused with passion and precision. Her ability to merge artistic vision with commercial appeal has made her a sought-after collaborator for brands looking to offer something truly exceptional to their discerning clientele.

Celebrities and Customisation

Celebrities and Customisation

Kanika Ranka Adani’s artistic creations have garnered widespread acclaim, especially among celebrities who appreciate the finer things in life. Her unique designs have caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the entertainment and sports industries. For instance, she crafted customised travel bags for the cricket sensation Virat Kohli, adding a touch of luxury to his travel essentials.

But it’s not just the adults who are smitten by Kanika’s creations; even the younger generation has fallen in love with her personalised pieces. Dinesh Karthik, the accomplished cricketer and proud father of twin boys, commissioned Kanika to design personalised suitcases for his young sons. These bespoke creations featured handprints of the twins along with their initials, making them not just functional but also sentimental keepsakes.

Kanika’s ability to capture the essence of her clients’ personalities and preferences in her designs sets her apart in the competitive world of luxury personalisation. Her knack for creating pieces that resonate on a personal level with her clients has cemented her reputation as a go-to artist for bespoke luxury items. Whether it’s a high-profile athlete or a celebrity fashion icon, Kanika’s creations continue to make waves, proving that personalised luxury never goes out of style.

The Creative Process

At The Studio Project, every artistic journey kicks off with a thoughtful consultation between Kanika Ranka Adani and her clients. This initial step is crucial as it allows Kanika to get a firsthand look at the luxury item in question, assessing its current condition and understanding any specific requirements or concerns the client may have.

During these consultations, Kanika delves deep into the client’s vision, asking questions and exchanging ideas to ensure she captures the essence of what they’re looking for. Her collaborative approach fosters open communication, allowing clients to actively participate in the design process and provide valuable input.

With her keen eye for detail, Kanika then begins the meticulous process of designing each piece. She pays close attention to every element, from the choice of colors and patterns to the positioning and size of the artwork. Her goal is to create a bespoke piece that not only meets but exceeds her client’s expectations.

Kanika’s dedication to perfection and her commitment to delivering high-quality, personalised creations have earned her the trust and admiration of her clients. Whether it’s restoring a beloved luxury item or adding a creative twist to a new purchase, Kanika’s hands-on approach ensures that each piece is a true masterpiece, reflecting both her artistic talent and her client’s unique personality.

Pricing and Personal Touch

At The Studio Project, customisation is not just about creating luxury pieces; it’s about making them accessible to everyone. With services starting at a reasonable Rs 10,000, Kanika Ranka Adani ensures that luxury doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Understanding that each project is unique, prices may vary depending on the complexity of the design, the type of luxury item, and the materials used. Whether it’s a simple customization or a more intricate piece, Kanika works closely with clients to provide a transparent pricing structure that fits within their budget.

Kanika firmly believes that everyone deserves a touch of luxury in their lives, and she is committed to making that dream a reality for her clients. By offering flexible pricing options and maintaining high-quality standards, she ensures that her bespoke creations are not just reserved for the elite but are accessible to all who appreciate art and craftsmanship.

This inclusive approach to luxury has resonated with clients from all walks of life, allowing them to experience the thrill of owning a unique, personalized piece without breaking the bank. It’s this commitment to affordability and excellence that sets The Studio Project apart, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a blend of luxury and value.

Looking Ahead

As The Studio Project enjoys its success, Kanika Ranka Adani is not one to rest on her laurels. With an eye towards the future, she’s charting an exciting course for her brand that goes beyond customisation. Kanika is eager to explore her creative boundaries by designing her unique pieces.

She envisions branching out into creating artistic installations for homes and restaurants, offering clients a chance to bring her distinctive aesthetic into their living spaces. These installations will be a blend of functionality and artistry, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

Kanika’s passion for innovation and design drives her to continually evolve and push the boundaries of what’s possible. By embracing new challenges and experimenting with different mediums, she hopes to redefine luxury and personalisation in the art world.

With her keen artistic sensibility and entrepreneurial spirit, Kanika is poised to make waves in the design community. Her plans promise to captivate audiences and clients alike, offering fresh and exciting ways to experience art in everyday life. As she continues to grow and innovate, Kanika is set to leave an indelible mark on the world of luxury design.


Kanika Ranka Adani’s journey with The Studio Project showcases the magic that happens when art meets luxury. Her commitment to innovation and personalisation sets her apart in the competitive world of luxury goods, promising a bright and creative future ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Que: Who are some notable clients of The Studio Project?
The Studio Project has attracted celebrities like Virat Kohli, Nita Ambani, Sonam Kapoor, and Dinesh Karthik, who have commissioned personalised items.

Que: How does the creative process at The Studio Project work?
The journey begins with a consultation where Kanika assesses the luxury item’s condition and discusses the client’s vision. She then designs each piece meticulously to ensure it aligns with the client’s expectations.

Que: What is the starting price for customisation at The Studio Project?
Customisation services at The Studio Project start at Rs 10,000. Depending on the project’s size and complexity, prices may change.

Que: Does The Studio Project work within a client’s budget?
Yes, Kanika believes in making luxury accessible to all and is open to working within a client’s budget to create personalised masterpieces.

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