Attur to Australia: The Divine Foods' Traditional Superfoods on the Global Stage

Attur to Australia: The Divine Foods’ Traditional Superfoods on the Global Stage

When Kiru Maikapillai was living in the United States, he observed a conspicuous lack of traditional Indian items in a market filled with local specialties. This insight led to the creation of The Divine Foods, a direct-to-consumer company located in Salem that has been transforming the world superfood industry since 2019. With a focus on traditional superfoods like turmeric, moringa, millets, honey, and skincare products, The Divine Foods aims to spread awareness of the world’s health advantages and the delectable tastes of Indian cuisine.

The Inspiration

While working at Citizens Bank in the United States in 2018, Kiru Maikapillai noticed something intriguing in the supermarket aisles. Products from different regions, like New Zealand’s Manuka honey and Japan’s Ponzu sauce, were easy to find and widely available. However, traditional Indian products were nowhere to be seen. This absence puzzled Kiru, especially considering India’s rich culinary heritage and the high quality of its natural ingredients. He realized there was a significant gap in the market for authentic Indian superfoods abroad. This realization became a turning point for him.

Motivated by this gap, Kiru decided to take a bold step. He quit his secure job at Citizens Bank and moved back to his hometown, Attur in Salem, Tamil Nadu. His goal was clear: to bring traditional Indian superfoods to the global market. He believed that the world deserved to experience the unique flavors and health benefits of these products, which had been a staple in Indian households for centuries. With this vision in mind, Kiru founded The Divine Foods in 2019. Starting with turmeric, a common yet powerful ingredient in Indian cuisine, he aimed to produce high-quality, preservative-free products that could stand out in international markets. Kiru’s dedication to quality and authenticity has since driven The Divine Foods‘ mission to introduce traditional Indian superfoods to a global audience.

Establishing the Brand

The Divine Foods was founded in 2019 with the simple yet effective goal of focusing on turmeric. Every Indian home has turmeric, which is widely used for its many health advantages. The The founder, Kiru Maikapillai, saw a chance to introduce the world to this ancient superfood. His goal was to produce premium turmeric products that maintained their inherent deliciousness without the use of preservatives.

Kiru knew that the turmeric grown in Salem, his hometown, was special. It had naturally high levels of curcumin, the active ingredient responsible for turmeric’s many health benefits. Curcumin is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. This made Salem’s turmeric particularly potent and effective, making it a perfect candidate for Kiru’s vision.

To bring this vision to life, Kiru focused on sourcing the best turmeric directly from local farmers. This not only ensured the highest quality, but also supported the local farming community. By eliminating middlemen, The Divine Foods could maintain control over the entire production process, from farm to shelf. This approach guaranteed that their turmeric products were pure, natural, and of the highest quality.

The first product line included turmeric powder and capsules, which quickly gained popularity for their purity and effectiveness. As word spread, more people started to appreciate the unique qualities of Salem’s turmeric, boosting The Divine Foods’ reputation for excellence. Kiru’s dedication to quality and authenticity laid a strong foundation for the company’s growth and its mission to bring traditional Indian superfoods to the global market.

Health Benefits of Traditional Superfoods


Turmeric, with its high curcumin content (3-5%), is renowned for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Curcumin, the main active ingredient, has been shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties, beneficial for treating neurological disorders and depression.

Expanding the Product Line

Starting with turmeric, The Divine Foods soon expanded to other superfoods like moringa, millets, and honey. Products like Paruthi Paal-Cotton Seed Instant Latte Mix and Organic Coconut Sugar were developed, catering to a variety of health needs, from easing menstrual cramps to offering natural sweeteners.

Empowering Farmers of Salem

Direct Sourcing

The Divine Foods sources its turmeric directly from over 50 farmers in Salem, ensuring high-quality products by eliminating intermediaries. This direct approach not only guarantees premium products but also supports local farmers.

Unique Selling Proposition

The brand differentiates itself by focusing on quality over speed, delivering fresh, small-batch products free from preservatives. This approach, though resulting in shorter shelf life, ensures the highest quality for consumers.

Expansion and Future Plans

Investment and Growth

With an initial investment of Rs 10-15 lakh, The Divine Foods has grown significantly. The startup received investment from actress Nayanthara and director Vignesh Shivan and a TANSEED  4.0 grant from the Tamil Nadu government. This funding is helping the company expand its infrastructure and product line.

New Products and Markets

The Divine Foods recently launched Navalac, a solid food option for toddlers made from nine essential grains. The brand plans to further expand its product range to include baby care products. With a market presence in the USA, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Canada, The Divine Foods is poised for significant growth.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Divine Foods has a strong commitment to environmental health and sustainability. With the objective of introducing recyclable and biodegradable packaging by 2026, the business recognizes the significance of supporting eco-friendly activities and minimizing waste. Their larger goal is to make sure that their goods are beneficial to both the environment and their consumers. This project is a component of that goal.

Nowadays, a large portion of the packaging used in the food business wreaks havoc on the environment by causing pollution. The Divine Foods is aware of this and is attempting to develop packaging options that have the least negative effects on the environment. Because of their dedication to using biodegradable and recyclable materials, their packaging will naturally decompose, lessening the burden on landfills and lowering pollution.

Eco-friendly methods are given top priority throughout The Divine Foods‘ production process, in addition to their emphasis on sustainable packaging. They purchase products straight from nearby farms, supporting regional agriculture and lowering transportation-related carbon emissions. They guarantee a shorter and more effective supply chain by getting rid of middlemen, which further lowers their carbon impact.

The company’s commitment to health goes beyond its consumers’ physical wellness to include environmental health. A conscious effort is being made by The Divine Foods to preserve natural resources and advance a healthy planet for future generations by selecting eco-friendly packaging and methods. This dedication to sustainability not only makes the business more appealing to people who care about the environment, but it also sets a good example.

Target Audience

The Divine Foods has quickly grown its customer base, serving over 8,000 Indian customers every month. Most of these customers are women aged between 25 and 50. This demographic often prioritizes health and wellness, making them ideal consumers for The Divine Foods‘ range of natural and traditional superfoods.

One of the standout products that has gained significant popularity is their turmeric latte. This product has become a bestseller due to its numerous health benefits and delightful taste. Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, is a staple in many Indian households. The turmeric latte offers a convenient and delicious way for people to incorporate this beneficial ingredient into their daily routine.

The popularity of the turmeric latte and other products has led to a high rate of repeat customers. More than 50% of The Divine Foods‘ customers come back to make additional purchases, indicating strong satisfaction with the quality and effectiveness of the products. This loyalty is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality, preservative-free superfoods that cater to modern health needs while honoring traditional practices.

The Divine Foods’ success is also driven by its direct connection with local farmers in Salem, ensuring that their products are fresh and sustainably sourced. This approach not only supports the local economy but also guarantees that customers receive products of the highest quality. By focusing on the needs and preferences of their primary customer base and maintaining a high standard of quality, The Divine Foods continues to build a loyal following and expand its reach in the health food market.

Challenges and Awareness

One of the biggest challenges faced by The Divine Foods is educating people about the value and benefits of native Indian superfoods. Many consumers are not aware of the incredible health benefits that these traditional foods offer. To address this, The Divine Foods is actively working to raise awareness about how these superfoods can improve overall health and wellness.

The company emphasizes the health advantages of ingredients like turmeric, moringa, millets, and honey, which have been staples in Indian diets for centuries. Turmeric, for example, is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help with a variety of health issues, from reducing inflammation to boosting the immune system. Moringa is another superfood that offers a range of benefits, including being rich in vitamins and minerals, and having antioxidant properties.

To spread this knowledge, The Divine Foods engages in educational campaigns through social media, blogs, and collaborations with health influencers. They share recipes, health tips, and detailed information about the benefits of their products. These efforts help consumers understand how to incorporate these superfoods into their daily lives easily and effectively.

Additionally, The Divine Foods is working to scale its operations both in India and globally. By expanding their reach, they aim to bring these beneficial traditional products to a broader audience. They are exploring new markets and distribution channels to make their products more accessible to people around the world. Through these efforts, The Divine Foods is not only promoting healthier eating habits but also supporting sustainable agricultural practices and the livelihoods of local farmers in India.


The Divine Foods‘ journey from Attur to international markets is a testament to the power of innovation and dedication in addressing unmet needs. By prioritizing quality, sustainability, and efficacy, the brand is reshaping the global perception of Indian superfoods. RadiumNews is proud to share the inspiring story of The Divine Foods, a brand making a positive impact on health and wellness worldwide.

Frequently Asked Question

Que: Who founded The Divine Foods?
Ans: The Divine Foods was founded by Kiru Maikapillai in 2019.

Que: What products does The Divine Foods offer?
Ans: The Divine Foods offers a range of superfoods and health products including turmeric, moringa, millets, honey, and skincare products.

Que: Why are The Divine Foods’ products unique?
Ans: The products are made with high-quality, preservative-free ingredients sourced directly from farmers, ensuring higher curcumin levels in turmeric and other natural benefits.

Que: How does The Divine Foods support sustainability?
Ans: The Divine Foods plans to introduce recyclable and compostable packaging by 2026, emphasizing eco-friendly practices.

Que: Where can I buy The Divine Foods products?
Ans: Products are available online through their official website and in retail chains, with a presence in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Canada.

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